Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cotton lace & ruffles for DIY projects


kakak saya yang introduce this FB, MyBotanG
ada menjual fabrics,alat2 & brg2 DIY from Japan
harga pun berpatutan
so, I thought I'd share :)
suitable untuk DIY guestbook ke, deco ke

 Some cotton lace from Japan






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MyBotanG said...

I'm Sohana from MyBotanG.
Thank you for the mention *heart*
This is the first time I came over your blog after finding your blog name as one of my external referee.
I love your style, but sadly banyak gambar yang I cannot view la.. why ek.. even the pics on this post is invisible.. (will check back later from my other lappy, may be my lappy tua not functioning as it should)