Thursday, 23 February 2012

My collection: The simplicity of arabesque geometric motifs

This about my collection: The simplicity of arabesque geometric motifs

My inspiration was the arabesque geometric motifs.

Actually, there are two kinds of arabesque motifs which are floral motifs and also geometric motifs. I chose the geometric motifs because I like its lines and shapes.

 arabesque floral motif

arabesque geometric motif

This is my first design. A two-piece garment which consist of a jacket and a cocktail dress.
We actually had a photo shoot for our designs. It was all arranged by the great En. Faizal Hamid. (He's our lecturer and also a fashion writer,designer,consultant,etc). 
So,this is the outcome...

Design 1

Design 1 close up

The model was Deanna Ibrahim. She was very nice and friendly. She's also very tall. 
There's a picture of the designer (me) and model but malu la nak tunjuk. 
From that picture, you could obviously see the difference in height,lol.

Masa tu ada jugak Zahnita, sangat baik & cantik! 
Ada 2 sesi tau, maklumlah ada dalam 30+ students so photo shoot dibuat 2 hari. 
Sesi lagi satu ada Tengku Azura. Best dapat experience bekerja dengan model2 profesional ni.
Diorang baik2 & ramah tamah. Tak kekwat pun.

Photographer nya pulak Faysal Hasyim dari Yeeipun Photograhy.
Diorang ni memang fashion photographer. So, hasil kitorang pun meletops la uols,hehe.
Padahal design saya biasa2 je. Design kawan2 saya yang meletop kebaboomm. :D

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