Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY Dais

DIY pelamin/dais for my eldest sister, Maryam way back in 2010. 
The theme was red, black & white.

The budget was below RM100.
The total cost was only RM80+ which was spent mostly on the fabrics. 

Front view

Damask background

Do you guys remember that during this period the popular dais designs all used the damask as the background. 
Hence, why I chose to use the damask for the background. :D
Especially since the fabric was only around RM20 per meter. 

The stage and the frame we borrowed from our neighbor,lol.
The carpet, pillow, large vase and red dried flowers were already available at home so I used whatever I could grab around the house. My sister was a very budget bride-to-be and she just wanted a simple dais as a background for taking photos only. 
No merenjis-renjis in our family! :)

Even the chair I used an existing chair we already had but haven't used for a long time.
I had simply painted the wooden frame of the chair with white paint that was available and reupholstered with black damask fabric. 
I couldn't spend a lot of time for the dais as I had a LOT of other things to do.
Imagine I had to clean a whole 6 bedroom house by my own not to mention sewing the curtains, makeover the bridal room, etc, etc. Even the whole house we painted ourselves,haha.
Macam saya pulak pengantin nya kan,haha.

My late supermom was not well during that time and I forced her to rest and not do any work. 
I wish I had more time to plan and execute the dais better but oh well, it wasn't my wedding.haha.

The most important lesson of all to brides out there (including little old me):

- Take time to prepare and gather your ideas.

- You should have some kind of idea what you want for your wedding. After all, this is your big day.

- Plan early! Start out with deciding your theme and what type of wedding you want.

- After deciding the theme, find and gather ideas of what you want your wedding to be like.
(Your wedding dress, dais, hantarans, deco, etc)

- Once you have an overall idea and design, research and plan how you are going to execute them.
(The easiest way is by hiring vendors and only ensure that they can execute your vision well within your budget)

- If you're going to DIY, plan and start early,as early as possible. You will not have enough time to execute and do everything within the few remaining days before your wedding.

* Do not be indecisive, once you decide on something, stick to it!

I learnt a lot from helping my sister plan her wedding. 
Hopefully my own DIY wedding will turn out great! InsyaAllah.
I'm planning to design and DIY all my wedding dresses, veil and scarves.
Me & Mr. W are also planning to make our own dais, deco, photobooth and etc by ourselves.
We are both from design backgrounds so why not kan.
 Especially since he is great with his hands!
He can make furniture and he even helped his father built their own house! I'll share the pictures one day :))
I'm not bragging just extremely proud of his talent :)

Even though the dais did not turn well as I had hoped for, it was still great for taking pictures.
My sister and parents were happy so that what counts. :)

The bride & groom on the dais

The bride & groom posing with the damask background

Groom posing in front of the dais


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